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Dennis Bergkamp once said,

‘Behind every
kick there has
to be a thought’.

This is ours: that sport can change lives.

That the pitch, court, track or ring is a space where we can build positive relationships, further personal goals and start contributing to the community. That sport can develop not just players, but people too.

In March 2016, entrepreneur David Pollock put that thought into action with a pilot project that offered sportsmen in Hackney aged 16 and under a top quality programme. One built around personal development and skills training, both on and off the pitch.

Now into our second year, this season we’re building on the huge success of that pilot. And with more programmes across more sports in more places, available for both sportsmen and sportswomen, our thinking is only getting bigger.

The Team

Lane 4

Design and deliver a bespoke Behind Every Kick programme to the cohort of participating coaches, mentors and players.

With an internationally acclaimed reputation, Lane4 exists to help organisations develop the people and skills necessary to become winning organisations in their particular market place or sector.


For the purposes of the Behind Every Kick programme, Volunteering Matters identifies, recruits and offers training to volunteer mentors carefully matching mentors to individual players in order to support the learning opportunities offered by the project. Mentors are expected to meet their mentees on a 1:2:1 basis twice a month.

Mentors are recruited from across a variety of businesses, corporate, sports and professional sectors, with the aim of offering mentees, access to individuals with a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. Volunteering Matters is the UK’s leading organisation in volunteering policy and practice.

Our Partners