Empowering young people to unlock their potential through a love of sport

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We offer a sponsored life skills and mentoring programme to sports playing U16 year old boys and girls, by giving the tools to sports coaches, sports clubs and volunteer mentors, to empower young people to unlock their potential in life and in sport.

We partner with Lane4, globally recognised as experts in human performance and with Volunteering Matters, the UK’s leading organisation for volunteering policy and practice.

We work nationally with sports clubs, their coaches, their players and our mentors.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering a top quality programme and giving expert support through mentoring.

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Why We
Do It

‘I founded Behind Every Kick because it is a fantastic way to offer young people the chance and opportunity to unlock their potential through doing something they love. My own experiences made me realise that the lessons I learned about how my attitude can improve my football, can also change my approach to life itself. They have helped me immeasurably in business and in everything that I do.’

David Pollock,
Founder Behind Every Kick

'We are Behind Every Kick because we believe that our tomorrow depends on the youth of today. I believe that by nurturing and supporting young people, not only do they benefit from learning key life skills, but society benefits through the development of our future leaders. Encouraging young people to transfer their enthusiasm for sport into an enthusiasm for life, Behind Every Kick is investing in the youth of today to improve everyone’s tomorrow’.

Jennifer Landesberg,
Trustee Behind Every Kick

‘A great educator once told me that he had dedicated his life to children yearning for a caring adult presence – to which he responded by creating de-institutionalised institutions, where they can feel at home, develop a sense of self-worth and take it from there to their adult life. This really resonated with me and I am Behind Every Kick because I believe that we can work with sporting clubs to provide hugely valuable life lessons to their young people.’

Andrew Soning,
Trustee Behind Every Kick

‘I believe that every young person matters. That we should all be given the opportunity to learn those life skills that sport can help to teach us. I am passionate about supporting young people - to help them discover the lessons that I myself didn’t learn until much later in life. If a young person can learn at 16 what many of us don’t learn until 25 (if at all), they are going to be in a much better position as a result. For me, Behind Every Kick is an opportunity to develop ‘that’ Coach or Mentor who our young people will look back on and think ‘I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am now if it wasn’t for them and what they helped me to figure out.’ What we’re sharing isn’t taught in schools; we have an opportunity to offer the support and guidance that many young people want and need, but unfortunately don’t receive – and that’s really exciting for me!’

Adam Wilson,
Trustee Behind Every Kick
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How We
Do It

Through an application and interview process, we identify a cohort of sports clubs across a range of different sports, who wish to participate in the programme over the course of a sporting season.

For every club that is selected, we recruit and train volunteer mentors from the local community, as well as from across a variety of business sectors and carefully match them with individual U16 players to deliver one-to-one mentoring as part of the programme offering.

We then upskill coaches and mentors so they know how to deliver and take forward our key messages –the Players Programme - to their respective squad/team or sporting individuals, in the most engaging and effective way. To do this, mentors and a specified number of coaches from each of the participating clubs, attend three evening Development Sessions run by Lane4.

Each Development Session is accompanied by content that accelerates further learning. This includes Lane4’s thought leadership and expands on the lessons learnt in the Development Sessions, giving coaches and mentors the opportunity to explore further development.

Alongside the Development Sessions, is a social learning platform. This gives coaches and mentors the opportunity to engage in Action Learning Groups, where learning can be shared and questions and ideas explored in readiness for coaches to deliver the 8 session Players Programme to their U16 squad/team/sporting individuals.

Before delivering the Players Programme, coaches are required to capture key data for each young person on the programme, such as personal goals around academic attainment and further education and work experience opportunities, community engagement and softer measures like confidence and self-belief. They will do the same at the end of the programme so that development can be measured.

Each club is responsible for delivering seven of the eight sessions that make up the Players Programme. Lane4 will deliver one session in each club, as well as support webinars for coaches and mentors throughout so that they have the chance to discuss challenges and lessons learnt.


Do You
To Play?

We’re always scouting for new talent – so, whether you are a club, a sports coach or thinking about a mentoring role - if you want to be part of a team that’s changing lives with every throw, punch and sprint, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • As a sports club you will
  • Have a squad of up to 16 boys and / or girls aged between 14-16 years who want to participate in Behind Every Kick.
  • Have a club ethos where respect for staff, officials and the opposition, is paramount and reinforced at all times in things like time-keeping, attendance and communication.
  • Have the facilities to train participants and host matches, as well as indoor facilities to deliver the off-the-pitch side of the programme – the Players Programme.
  • Be able to use your facilities to deliver the Players Programme to your young people at the stages outlined by the project, hosting Lane4 for one session per programme.
  • Ensure that your nominated coaches attend all three of the Lane4 Development Sessions and regularly communicate with Volunteering Matters on mentor matching, participation and feedback.
  • Ensure that your nominated coaches understand their commitment to deliver to your U16 squad/team/individual players.
  • Be willing and committed to being supported by Behind Every Kick and to work with us to monitor and evaluate the impact of the programme.
  • As a coach you will
  • Affiliated to the participating club and be authorised and qualified to work with the participating team/group of young people.
  • Responsible for the squad over the course of the programme and committed to engaging with every element of it.
  • A positive role model – and someone who makes sure all paperwork is done!
  • Committed to attending all of Lane4’s Development Sessions at an external and centrally located venue.
  • As a mentor you will be
  • Aged 21 or over.
  • Willing to attend the Lane4 Development Sessions and the Volunteering Matters mentor training and be DBS-checked.
  • Committed to a minimum of two one-to-one meetings per month for up to nine months.
  • Willing to complete any necessary paperwork regarding your mentee as part of our monitoring and evaluation side of the programme.
  • Great at engaging with young people and developing a positive rapport.
This Way
To Play

In It For

You’ll be helping young people achieve their goals,
so it’s only right we assist you too.

Sports Clubs

  • Access the award winning Lane4, with its internationally acclaimed reputation for maximising human performance.
  • Receive excellent training and ongoing support from Volunteering Matters to achieve outstanding mentoring experiences for your sports participants.
  • Get support from BEK for your club through equipment and kit sponsorship.
  • Become part of the Behind Every Kick alumni which offers your coaches and sports participants ongoing opportunities to learn, develop and unlock potential, on and off the pitch.


  • The personal satisfaction of using your experiences to help other people develop and succeed.
  • The opportunity to learn new skills.
  • The chance to practice and develop your interpersonal skills.
  • Full training and ongoing support.
  • Reimbursed for all the costs associated with your mentoring.
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View From The
So Far

‘It was fantastic to see how the young lads responded to their off the pitch sessions. Before I couldn’t imagine any of them turning up for an after school lesson on how to control their temper on the pitch! But by offering them the opportunity to hear from Lane4 on how to keep focused and achieve a competitive edge in sport and life, they were really getting stuck in.’

David Pollock,
Founder of Behind Every Kick

‘The Under 16 squad have been an absolute credit to Sporting Hackney FC this season, not only in the way they have played the game but in the way they’ve behaved on and off the pitch. There’s no doubt their involvement in the Behind Every Kick project is having a very positive impact on these young people and is laying the foundations for their future lives, within football and outside it.’

Matthew Brown,
Sporting Hackney FC Chairman

‘What a privilege to visit this project and see how putting the right team in place – sports psychologists, the football coaches and community mentors, each playing to their strengths – can deliver a programme where participants can experience life changing coaching and mentoring – and play great football. Seeing the engagement, the commitment, and the mutual respect first hand made me realise just what a difference Behind Every Kick makes.’

Ann Heal,
Volunteering Matters

'The biggest thing that has helped me is to be a good leader: I need to stop my friends from doing bad things...even if it’s like the smallest things, I can be there to stop them and tell them that it’s not right to do that, that they can come away from stuff like that, even if it's kicking stones!’

Daniel, Age 16,
Behind Every Kick Participant
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