Inspirational stories from Behind Every Kick.

Read more about the work we are doing as told by the BEK Community.

Leon & Billy's story.

Mentoring from both sides of the relationship.

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School21 students found community netball club

Four players discuss how they were empowered by the Behind Every Kick programme.

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Sporting Hackney FC want their youngsters to excel off the pitch

Club vice-chairman explains the benefits of partnering with Behind Every Kick.

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Julian's Story.

Julian has been a Behind Every Kick mentor for a couple of years, mentoring two Under 16 footballers in that time.

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Waheed's Story.

Waheed is a Sporting Hackney FC Youth Player who attends the BEK programme

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Rob and David Soutar BEK Mentors.

Brothers Rob and David Soutar share their experiences of being BEK mentors. Rob is an environmental journalist who plays for Sporting Hackney's first team. David is a documentary filmmaker and is currently weighing up an offer to play for the club's veterans.

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