Hit or Miss Challenge

Help create positive change in the life of young Londoners by taking part in the BEK Hit or Miss penalty challenge.

BEK have been selected by Childhood Trust to take part in The Big Give Christmas challenge. Meaning donations we receive between 3rd–10th December will be doubled.

All we ask is that players in your club attempt to score a penalty and feel free to be as creative and outrageous as you wish. Post the attempts to #BEKHitorMiss. Then nominate 3 other teams or clubs to participate. Raising awareness is one thing, but raising money is what really makes the difference. Please click DONATE for every penalty missed so less young people will be penalised as they strive to hit their life goals.

Why us and why this challenge?

Behind Every Kick is a youth charity working through grassroots football and other sports with young people aged 15–18 in London. We are motivated by our belief that every young person has potential but, not every young person gets the chance to unlock their potential.

To see more about what we do, how we do it and who we do it with, please visit us at www.behindeverykick.org.