Our life-changing development programme

Participants learn to harness the skills required to flourish on the pitch, court, or track to unlock opportunities in all areas of their lives.

Session 1

Introduction to the programme

Trainers and young people build a rapport by playing ice-breaker games and exploring the young people's goals both in sport and life.

Session 2


The young people watch short videos of sports people communicating in pressurised situations and establish what was done well, what wasn't and why. We then give them a model to help them communicate effectively.

Session 3


Young people are put under pressure through a series of games. We discuss what happens to their body and mind when they encounter stress. We introduce a model that enables them to recognise when they are being affected by pressure and share strategies to help them master it.

Session 4


The young people perform a timed physical challenge and then discuss why they persevered or dropped out. This leads to a discussion on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and how they can use both to achieve their goals.

Session 5


The young people explore whether confidence is a feeling or an action. We then break confidence down into four pillars — Practice, Preparation, Knowledge and Experience - which they can build on so that even if they aren't feeling at their best, they can still perform when it counts.

Session 6


The young people examine the differences between a fixed and growth mindset, and we share examples of the impact of both on performance and a person's ability to break through barriers.

Session 7


The young people discuss the components of a great team. They explore how high-performing teams need individuals to bring their different skills and experiences to the fore and how the best teams always push ahead, seeking new challenges and innovations.

Session 8


Using famous athletes as an example, young people explore their own personal brand by defining what they stand for and articulating what they can offer the world. The young people can opt to stay involved with Behind Every Kick and access our network, work experiences, and mentoring.

“Through our partnership, young people joining Behind Every Kick’s programme are able to access the same insights and cutting edge techniques we have developed with elite athletes and leading businesses to maximise their performance. Having observed Behind Every Kick trainers delivering the programme, I can attest to the quality of their work and the impact they have on young people.”

Ben Morrison

Senior Manager, EYLane4

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