Development Session Cancellation Policy

BEK Development Sessions are delivered free of charge to schools and sports teams on the understanding that all costs (excluding venue hire) are met by the BEK, a registered charity.In order to protect charitable funds, in the event of any school or team cancelling any Development Session without prior and reasonable notice (or in circumstances where cancellation pertains to an entire season following the agreement to participate in BEK Development) the following charges will apply:

Cancel <24 hours: £200 cancellation cost

Cancel during delivery week but >24 hours: £100 cancellation cost

Cancel ahead of next delivery week: No cancellation cost

Notwithstanding BEK’s right to apply cancellation charges, in the event of any cancellation arising as a result of unforeseen and exceptional circumstances and only where BEK is able to offer a re-scheduled session (subject to trainer availability) and within the same delivery week, charges may be waived at the discretion of BEK and only in circumstances where additional charitable costs can be avoided.

Cancellation charges are based on the costs to the charity arising from contractual obligations in relation (but not exclusively) to the costs of trainer recruitment, training and session preparation.

In the event of BEK being required to cancel any Development Session, BEK will endeavour to give reasonable notice, and wherever possible, to re schedule any session cancelled within the relevant delivery week period.

Should the number of BEK participants attending a session be 6 or below (the ‘minimum number’), BEK reserves the right to cancel the session and for cancellation charges to be levied in accordance with the above policy. This right remains whether BEK is advised in advance of the numbers being at the minimum level and / or whether the minimum number transpires at the time of the session.


Cancellation requested by team: £200 per remaining session